Window Units vs. Central Air Conditioning: What’s Better?

Sep 30, 2022 | AC, Air Conditioning, Central Air, Cooling, Cooling Power, Easy Automation, Fairfield, Fairfield-Hamilton, Hamilton, Ohio, Pros and Cons, Window Unit

If you’ve ever wondered about what is more beneficial to use: window units or central air conditioning, you’re in luck. That’s precisely what your Fairfield-Hamilton Heating & Cooling experts are going over today!  As a homeowner, you may have come across the need to decide between a window unit or a central air conditioner for your house. This can lead to extra stress and a sense of overwhelming. But making an informed decision for your home doesn’t have to be a difficult process. So, if you’re struggling with deciding whether window units or central air conditioners are a better choice for you, keep reading for some helpful points. 


  1. Pros: Don’t underestimate window units until you’ve considered all of their advantages. Window units may be excellent alternatives depending on the cooling needs of your home. Buying a window unit is less expensive than buying a central air conditioner. Furthermore, if you only need to cool one room, this may be the ideal solution for you as a window unit can only cool one room. Plus, installing a window unit isn’t difficult. So if you believe you’re somewhat handy, you may be interested in taking on the task yourself. 
  1. Cons: There are a few things to consider on the negative aspect of things. If you want to use a window unit, for example, the first problem to consider is humidity. Unfortunately, window units aren’t very effective at keeping humidity out of a space. Secondly, before you buy several window air conditioners to cool multiple rooms, keep in mind that they may end up costing more than the monthly cost of utilizing a central air conditioner.


  1. Pros: There are a variety of reasons why a central air conditioner might be the best option for you and your family. One, it can effectively cool not just one space but the whole house. Two, it has an automation system that allows you to relax while it (automatically) adjusts itself to react in accordance with the thermostat reading. In addition, central ACs also assist in regulating humidity levels inside, thus ensuring high-quality airflow all year round. 
  1. Cons: Although central air conditioning systems can be pricey, we believe they’re worth the investment. But keep in mind that your home must have ducts and vents installed before the AC system can be put in, which might require cutting into your budget even more. And although it’s an extra cost, installing central air will increase your home’s value if you eventually resell it. 

In this article, we listed all the details there are to know of window units versus central air conditioning. All you need to do at this point is ask yourself if the benefits of utilizing a window unit outweigh the benefits of installing a residential air conditioning unit. Remember it all comes down to your needs – what space you need cooled and how efficient the type of model you choose is. We sincerely hope the above tips have given insight into whether or not window units are right for your home and family. If you have any questions for us or are interested in getting a free estimate on a new central air conditioning system for your house, we are here to serve you! Contact Fairfield-Hamilton Heating & Cooling today at (513) 540-1716, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here


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