Heat Pump Maintenance Services in Fairfield, OH & Hamilton, OH

When heat pumps are not serviced annually, they are more prone to break down during severe weather, which is when you least want it to happen. This is the period of time when your system is working nonstop to keep you comfortable in spite of the intense heat or bitter cold. Inadequate maintenance of your heat pump might result in unanticipated emergency repair charges and replacement part expenses, which often increase dramatically in times of crisis. Over time, homeowners can avoid unanticipated financial setbacks and save a significant amount of money by maintaining a proper routine.

This proactive approach includes improved energy efficiency and lower monthly energy expenses in addition to providing peace of mind. Additionally, it prolongs the system’s lifespan, giving homeowners the opportunity to get better returns on their initial investment. It is no longer necessary to replace a system early due to maintenance neglect, giving homeowners more time to consider their options before making such a big commitment.

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Schedule Maintenance Now to Extend the Heat Pump Lifespan in Your Greater Cincinnati Home

Season after season, your beloved heat pump endures the most extreme weather Mother Nature can throw at it. Whether it’s another year of bone-chilling cold and ice or the typical sweltering heat of an Ohio summer, you expect your heat pump to provide its customary relief from the elements for you and your loved ones. To ensure it sustains peak performance, and to help you save money and prolong its life expectancy, you should have a certified technician service your heat pump regularly.

Heat pumps can be efficient and quite handy; they’re one of the few HVAC systems on the market that are ideal for both heating your home in the winter and cooling your home during the summer. This makes them a resourceful and cost-effective option year-round. If you have a heat pump and you’re looking for an expert in heat pump repair, Fairfield-Hamilton Heating & Cooling is the trusted team to call. We are a team of affordable, trustworthy, certified HVAC technicians in the greater Fairfield and Hamilton areas. If you are experiencing problems with your heat pump, it’s crucial that you give us a call at the first sign of these problems before it gets worse.

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3 Ways to Prolong the life of a Heat Pump

Regular heat pump maintenance should be considered part of any home improvement plan. Proper maintenance of your heat pump system helps prolong the life expectancy of the unit in a variety of ways:

Regular Maintenance

The best way to keep your heat pump in great shape for seasons to come is to schedule professional maintenance with Fairfield-Hamilton Heating & Cooling annually. We can check for all the problems mentioned above and handle more complex issues. Our technicians will check your ductwork, inspect your thermostat, and much more.

Refrigerant Levels

A proper refrigerant charge enables the system to perform like it’s supposed to. Heat pumps that operate low on the refrigerant struggle to keep up with heating and cooling needs and can damage the compressor.

Proper Air Flow

Clogged air filters are the biggest, most common problem with malfunctioning heat pumps. Dust, dirt, and debris can block or reduce airflow. Not only does this prevent you from feeling the full heating or cooling power of your heat pump system, but it also overworks the system and decreases its overall performance. If you’re having problems with your heat pump, check the air filters first to make sure it’s not just a clogged filter. We recommend checking the filter once a month.

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Common Heat Pump Maintenance Questions & Answers

What are the benefits of heat pump maintenance?

Regular maintenance on your heat pump will boost energy savings, help to avoid unexpected breakdowns or repairs, reduce wear and tear on various parts for a longer lifespan, keep your warranty in good shape, and this is just to name a few.

What is Checked During Heat Pump Service?

During a heat pump maintenance service call from Fairfield-Hamilton Heating & Cooling, our certified heat pump technician evaluates your system’s performance with the thermostat is set in various modes of operation. This helps us determine its condition and see if adjustments or repairs are necessary. After that, we turn off the power to perform several cleaning and inspection tasks.

How do I maximize my heat pump’s efficiency?

Your heat pump uses a large coil outside your home and another coil inside to provide heat transfer for both the cooling and heating of your home. The coil outside gets exposed to the elements your-round. It tends to collect dirt, debris, and other contaminants, especially when it gets wet. Your indoor coil is in or on your indoor air handler unit. Because of condensation, it tends to attract airborne pollutants like mold, dust, mildew, and pet dander. Because both of these coils operate at their best when they are clean, it’s important to free them up from the buildup of dirt and debris. Without proper maintenance and cleaning, dirty coils add strain to your system as it works harder to keep up with demands for heating and cooling. While decreasing efficiency, it’s also increasing the stress on the fans, motors, and other parts of the system. In addition to the coils, it’s important to keep your heat pump’s air filter clean and to change it regularly to facilitate a more efficient performance. Clogged, dirty old air filters obstruct airflow. This leads to decreased comfort, higher utility bills, and, in severe cases, a complete breakdown of the system.