A/C Maintenance Services in Fairfield, OH & Hamilton, OH

Frequent maintenance is essential to guaranteeing the best possible performance and efficiency from your home’s air conditioning system. At Fairfield-Hamilton Heating & Cooling, we use our experience to provide excellent AC maintenance services that guarantee your system will run smoothly all year long. Our team of expert experts extends the life of your air conditioning machine by providing careful cleaning, precise tune-ups, and thorough inspections. This helps to avoid expensive breakdowns. Our skilled maintenance services will ensure that you always enjoy cool, cozy interior air without any unpleasant shocks.

Preventive AC maintenance looks out for the health of your cooling system. It enables our professionals to identify possible faults before they become more serious ones that could interfere with your comfort on a sweltering summer’s day. We do thorough inspections of your AC system during our maintenance visits, looking for indications of wear, leaks, or broken parts. We also pay attention to cleaning the apparatus, removing any dirt or debris from the fans, coils, and filters. We can reduce the need for expensive repairs, improve energy efficiency, and prevent breakdowns by addressing these issues early on.

Simple DIY Maintenance Measures You Can Do On Your Own

Clear Outdoor Vents: To encourage free flowing air, clean the outside intake and exhaust vents of leaves and other debris on a regular basis. To get the best performance out of these vents, keep three feet of space clear around them.

Clean Air Ducts: Check for dust buildup in your air ducts and registers. If dust has gathered, use a vacuum cleaner equipped with a HEPA filter. Take a look at our system-wide air duct cleaning service for a deeper clean.

Protecting Coils: Cover the coils of your outside air conditioning unit with a non-airtight cover during the winter months to protect them from snow and other elements. This can be accomplished with a tiny sheet of plywood that is firmly fastened or with a trash can lid.

Seal Thermostat Gaps: Look for any openings that allow air drafts at the wire entrance point of your thermostat. To maintain accurate temperature measurements and prevent drafts, seal these apertures.

Maximize Your Fairfield & Hamilton Ohio AC System’s Performance with Scheduled Maintenance

Have you ever taken your automobile in for an oil change, or tune-up? Do you see a doctor periodically for a physical check-up? Like a lot of things in life, AC systems should be checked periodically to keep them running properly. Seeing how much they cost to replace and how much more they cost in energy bills if not properly maintained, this is an investment a lot of homeowners are wise to make every spring. Preventive maintenance prolongs the life of your expensive central air conditioning system and, in the long run, actually saves you money.

Taking advantage of our affordable seasonal HVAC maintenance program is a good way to avoid having to make these sorts of emergency repairs. As part of a check-up, our AC technicians inspect your refrigerant levels, controls, belts, electrical terminals, wiring, fan motor, drainage line, connectors, and much more. Preventative AC maintenance like this helps us identify minor issues before they become major problems.

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5 Major Benefits of Regular AC Maintenance

Improves Energy Efficiency

A major part of any maintenance visit includes the checking and cleaning of fan blades, cooling coils, and other important parts of the AC system that could hinder its efficiency. By having cleaner coils, your system will produce cooler temperatures while saving you on energy usage. This leads to lower energy bills while keeping the home cooler when temperatures outside rise.

Improved Comfort

Our friendly technicians closely inspect all the components of an AC system during a preventative maintenance appointment. They locate any existing irregularities or areas of concern. Doing so allows your system to perform at its optimal, providing you with uninterrupted comfort from the heat.

Extends Your System’s Lifespan

Standard maintenance allows your system to maintain peak efficiency throughout its lifespan. This is especially the case in the Fairfield and Hamilton areas where AC units endure freezing winters and humid, hot summers. Preventative maintenance keeps your precious AC system running efficiently much longer, considerably increasing its lifespan.

Decreases the Need for Emergency Repairs

Although it might seem inconvenient, routine maintenance on air conditioning systems, heat pumps, and heating systems is always a fast, affordable appointment that is well worth the small amount of time and money it takes. Some compare it to a checkup with the doctor or dentist. It’s similar to getting your vehicle’s oil changed, or getting a tune-up.

Enhances Indoor Air Quality

Our friendly certified technicians are knowledgeable of all types of AC systems. They clear out particles that accumulate inside your air conditioning system, things like dust, dirt, and pet dander. If left inside, this particulate matter eventually works its way into your air duct system, where it travels all throughout your home in the air you and your family members breathe. If this happens, air duct cleaning and additional expenditures can be added to the existing problem.

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Common AC Maintenance Questions & Answers

How can I enhance my Cooling System’s performance?

Clear away plants, weeds, and debris from your outdoor intake and exhaust vents to make sure they don’t hinder airflow. Keep a three-foot clear radius. Open your registers and look inside to see if your air ducts are getting dirty. Air ducts accumulate dust throughout the offseason in Ohio (the months they aren’t used are between winter and spring, and fall and winter). If you find dirt, vacuum the ducts to remove it, or ask us about an affordable system-wide air duct cleaning. Use a good AC cover to protect the coils from the weather throughout the cooler months when you aren’t using it. These covers don’t cost much, and typically they pay for themselves by protecting your valuable AC investment. Check the wire entry point on your thermostat. If there is a gap present, you can use caulking to prevent drafts from messing with the thermostat’s reading.

How Do I clean my air conditioner filter?

Depending on the type of air filter you currently have you may need to change it every month or 3 months – some filters only require a clean/replacement every 6 months. Our technicians will educate you on the best filters and care tips for your specific unit.

How often should AC coils be cleaned?

AC coils should be cleaned yearly during the spring/summer months to prevent any problems. During an AC Tune-Up + Check-Out, our licensed HVAC technicians will check the coil for cleanliness, leaks & refrigerant levels. All gas & electrical components are inspected for safety & performance. Your technician will inspect & change your filters, but it is also important to regularly change your filter every month in between seasonal tune-ups of your HVAC system.

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