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If you want excellent, year-round heating, cooling, and ventilation services, you should trust the professionals at Fairfield-Hamilton Heating & Cooling with your HVAC equipment. Homeowners in Springboro, OH can get heating, cooling, and air care services from our family-run company. Our goal is to provide homeowners with the greatest home comfort products on the market for HVAC systems at the lowest possible cost.

We provide a comprehensive range of HVAC-related products and services, ranging from indoor air quality accessories to home comfort solutions. Furthermore, we offer emergency furnace repair and air conditioning maintenance services, as well as replacement HVAC systems, to residents in Springboro, OH during the warmest and coldest months of the year. Fairfield-Hamilton Heating & Cooling offers yearly maintenance contracts for air conditioners and furnaces. Scheduling regular HVAC maintenance is essential, especially if you wish to keep your original warranties valid. If you want to get the most out of your home comfort equipment, you should contact our team of certified experts.

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Considered an upscale suburb of Dayton and Cincinnati, Springboro is a city in Warren County with a small portion in Montgomery County. It has a population of almost 19,000 people. Located at the center of the Cincinnati-Dayton Metroplex, which is the 14th largest urban area in the United States, Springboro was ranked as the 42nd best place to live in America by Money magazine in 2011. In 2014, it gained the ranking as the 10th best suburb in America by Business Insider.
Springboro is accessible by three of the major expressways in the region.

Near the city’s northern border along the Montgomery-Warren County border, the Dayton-Wright Brothers Airport is located along the Springboro Pike. It exclusively serves private jets and small airplanes, however, it has a small museum with a scale-replica of the original Wright-B Flyer. Settled as early as 1796, Springboro was founded in 1815 by Jonathan Wright, originally spelled as “Springborough.”

During the earliest years, Springboro was predominantly Quaker. Two mills and a woolen factory were built in the 1830s on the abundant springs for which the town derived its name. With its Quaker origins, Springboro served as a stopping place on the Underground Railroad, playing an important role in providing hiding places for people who were escaping the atrocity that was slavery in the south.

Because of this, in October of 1999, Springboro became the first city to put up an Ohio Underground Railroad Historic Marker.
In what would redefine the city and carry it into modern times, beginning in the late 1960s the population of Springboro’s population began to explode.

Powered by the growth of the Dayton Area, Springboro went from being a sleepy town along I-75 to becoming a real estate hotspot in the Miami Valley. The growth also resulted in a new highway exit being created at I-75.

Today, Springboro is considered one of the most prominent suburbs in the Cincinnati-Dayton metro area because it serves as a stronghold on the growth between them.

In addition to the Wright B. Flyer Museum, Springboro has a whole host of things to do and places to go. They have the La Comedia Dinner Theatre on the city’s west side. They also operate a slew of parks and bike hubs and local restaurants and shops. Every September, the Springboro United Church of Christ puts on their Oktoberfest Springboro in the city center, which features authentic German food and drink, games, and live entertainment. Every November, city residents gather in the city center along Main Street to host Christmas in Springboro. This attracts people from all over to visit with local residents, vendors, and other guests from around the region. It’s meant to launch the Christmas season.

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