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It’s commonly considered impolite to ask a woman about her age. However, this social rule doesn’t exactly apply to air conditioners. Thank goodness! We actually encourage homeowners to make it a point to know the exact age of their air conditioning system. Though it might seem insignificant, it is truly useful to be aware of the age and status of your cooling unit. Knowing this information can prove helpful in various ways. Therefore, it is a good idea to determine the age of your AC if you’ve been experiencing decreased efficiency or other system-related issues. AC units generally last between 15-20 years, depending on how well they were cared for over the years. Ultimately, knowing the age of your AC will help you make informed decisions about whether to repair it or replace it, or at the very least, be prepared to do so without being blindsided. 

Use these steps provided by your professionals at Fairfield-Hamilton Heating & Cooling

Step One: Search for the Manufacture Date on the Condenser   

To find the manufacture date, you should head outside and locate the outdoor unit, also known as the condenser, which is the large metal box usually positioned in the backyard or on the side of the house. Next, you will want to look for a nameplate on one of the sides of the unit. This plate should contain all the relevant information about your unit. To find the manufacture date, direct your eyes to the top of the nameplate, then look in the upper right-hand corner. Typically, this is where the manufacture date is listed. It may be labeled as MFR DATE or something along those lines. If you can’t find the manufacture date in the upper right corner, try scanning the top area of the nameplate. It should be placed in this general area. If you are still unable to locate it, no problem. Simply move on to step number two. 

Step Two: Search for the Manufacturer’s Date Online   

If you haven’t found the date yet, don’t get discouraged. We still can utilize our investigative skills a little further. Go ahead and write down the model, brand, and serial number listed on the nameplate. You can also take a picture of the nameplate to make it easier for you. Search online using these three details and include the words “manufacture date” in the search query before clicking search. Doing this should populate several websites providing detailed directions on decoding your particular model’s manufacture date. To avoid confusion, it’s crucial to locate the instructions for your specific HVAC air conditioner model and brand.  

Still, Having Trouble?   

Don’t worry; if you’re still having difficulty determining the manufacturing date, our skilled technicians can assist you during your seasonal HVAC checkup. However, if you’re dealing with a current HVAC emergency, we are open 24/7. So, please don’t hesitate to contact us ASAP. 

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