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Separate systems for heating and cooling demands are becoming commonplace in modern homes. Heat pumps, on the other hand, provide a year-round climate management option by combining both features into one system. These adaptable and effective systems serve as air conditioners as well as heaters, which makes them a desirable option for homes looking for a cutting-edge method of controlling interior environment. There’s just one place to go for trustworthy and reasonably cost heat pump repair services: Fairfield-Hamilton Heating & Cooling.

It’s critical to address heat pump problems as soon as possible to avoid worsening the situation. Fairfield-Hamilton Heating & Cooling has a group of qualified and knowledgeable HVAC specialists who specialize in heat pump repair. We take great satisfaction in offering outstanding customer service and prompt response times as a well-known service provider in Greater Hamilton County. Our certified technicians are prepared to help, whether the issue calls for routine maintenance or emergency repairs.

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Typically, the average home has two distinct systems for climate control. They have an AC system for the summer and a heating system for the winter. However, there is another option available that combines air conditioning and heating. Heat pumps are centralized, forced air systems that can work as both a heater and A/C. This third option has major advantages for homeowners looking for an alternative form of efficient climate control. In general, heat pumps are great for older homes, houses with no ductwork, heating and cooling particular rooms, and more.

Heat pumps can be efficient and quite handy; they’re one of the few HVAC systems on the market that are ideal for both heating your home in the winter and cooling your home during the summer. This makes them a resourceful and cost-effective option year-round. If you have a heat pump and you’re looking for an expert in heat pump repair, Fairfield-Hamilton Heating & Cooling is the trusted team to call. We are a team of affordable, trustworthy, certified HVAC technicians in the greater Fairfield and Hamilton areas.

4 Common Heat Pump Problems


Heat pumps use an exterior coil to release heat during the winter. During the summer, this is where the heat gets absorbed. As such, it’s not uncommon for a layer of frost to solidify on the outdoor unit during the winter. If it’s doing this, you have a legitimate cause for concern. To remove the frost, it should be running a defrost cycle because if it builds up too much and forms a layer of ice, it can obstruct the unit and create all sorts of problems. It is important to give us a call right away because it places a massive amount of strain on your system and it can eventually cause the system to break down.

Refrigerant Leakage

Heat pumps work a lot like air conditioners in that they use the flow of refrigerant to move heat from one place to another. Since refrigerant is necessary for both the winter and the summer, if there is any sort of leak, you can expect some problems to develop. Any sort of leakage in the refrigerant line and it won’t take long until there won’t be enough to absorb and transfer the heat. This can lead to damage to your compressor and it can jeopardize your comfort. Our certified heat pump repair technicians can seal any leaks in your line and recharge the refrigerant to restore your system and prevent additional problems.

Electrical Problems

A heat pump uses electricity to power its compressors and fan motor. As such, electrical issues are another common cause of heat pump problems. Electrical components should only be replaced by a professional.

Reversing Valve Failure

A heat pump’s “reversing valve” is what allows the system to reverse the flow of refrigerant, enabling homeowners to alternate between “cooling mode” in the summer and “heating mode” during the winter. Sometimes, this reversing valve fails and gets stuck in one position, which prevents you from switching between these two modes. Make sure to give us a call to properly replace the faulty valve for you if this happens.

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Common Heat Pump Repair Questions & Answers

What malfunctions in a heat pump?

The most frequent reason why a heat pump does not function properly is a filthy or clogged air filter. This occurs when the air filter becomes obstructed, preventing the system from receiving enough airflow. Usually, the system will overheat and shut down in this situation, depriving you of air conditioning. Or, the restriction prevents enough cold air from entering your home.

What typical issues do heat pumps have?

Frequently occurring issues with heat pumps include situations where the unit is operating continually in mild weather or blowing chilly air when it should be in heating mode. Further issues may arise from the outdoor unit freezing, which is frequently connected to low refrigerant levels, or the outdoor unit becoming obstructed due to airflow issues.

How can you tell if your heat pump has to be replaced?

Like any other mechanical system, heat pumps age after many years of multi-seasonal use and are more likely to encounter issues. If your heat pump produces noises when it operates, such as grinding, screeching, or banging, this is usually an indication that the device needs to be serviced right away. It could be recommended to replace your outdated heat pump system as soon as possible with a lovely, modern Carrier heat pump if any of these symptoms seem familiar to you or are persistent issues. If you maintain the unit, you won’t ever need to replace it thanks to Carrier’s heat pump quality and warranty coverage.

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