Do Pets Affect Your HVAC Performance? 

May 20, 2022 | Pets, Blog, Fairfield, Fairfield-Hamilton, Hamilton, HVAC, Maintenance, OH, Ohio

Every pet owner is familiar with the joy and companionship that having a pet brings. But as a homeowner, are you aware of the effects your pet’s fur and dander can have on your HVAC system’s performance? If not, your Fairfield-Hamilton Heating & Cooling family is here to walk you through a few points to help you be mindful of the effects and how to make adjustments where needed. We know you want your HVAC system to run at its highest potential and your whole family (including your pets) to be safe and comfortable in your home. 

Should I Clean the Air Vents & Registers?

Yes! It would be best if you cleaned your vents and registers. Typically, these should be included in your regular cleaning schedule. Vents and registers are dust and pet fur magnets, so dust bunnies will form if left unattended, thus allowing pet fur and dander to build on top of that. In addition, clogged vents and registers will cause poor airflow, which can confuse your HVAC system and lead to other various HVAC mishaps.

Should I Utilize an Air Purifier?

If you have family members who suffer from allergies or respiratory problems, an air purifier is always a good option. They are famous for filtering allergens, dust, and other airborne particles. So if you have multiple pets, an air purifier is an excellent option for you! Air purifiers boost your home’s indoor air quality, which alleviates any extra stress placed on your HVAC system. There are various models of air purifiers available for any budget and need. You can call us today for more information!

Should I Have My Ductwork Professionally Cleaned?

Over time, ductwork collects and holds dust, hair, pet fur, and other loose debris. Unfortunately, this cultivates a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. So it is likely your family’s health and well-being be affected. But it doesn’t stop there; dirty ductwork also impacts your HVAC system’s efficiency. Generally, we suggest that homeowners have their ductwork cleaned every 3-5 years. But, of course, every home is different. If this is something you are considering having done, call us today to check if this is a service we are offering at this time.

Should I Try Using a Barrier?

If you haven’t thought about using a barrier, now is the perfect time to do so. Barriers prevent your pet from getting too close to your heating and cooling units. Using a barrier means your pets and HVAC system can both be protected. It sounds like a no-brainer to us!

  1. Protect the Indoor Unit: If your furnace is not in an enclosed area like a closet, it would be good to use a pet gate or pen around it. It’s crucial to keep your pet away from your furnace’s pilot light. In addition, keeping the area free of dust particles and pet fur buildup is just as important. If dust and pet fur buildup occurs, it can be a fire hazard. 
  2. Protect the Outdoor Unit: Don’t forget about your outdoor unit. Just like your furnace, it is also essential to protect the condenser. The vicinity around the condenser should be kept clear of any obstructions. So if you have a pet that likes to investigate your backyard and around the unit, using a barrier is a good idea. It will keep your pet safe, plus it also protects your HVAC system.

Every step you take to improve the amount of pet fur and dander in your home will make all the difference in your HVAC system’s performance. And when your HVAC system is set up for success and functions at its highest capacity, your whole family has a safe and comfortable home in which to reside. At Fairfield-Hamilton Heating & Cooling, we value our customers. So if you have any concerns with your HVAC system, call us today at (513) 540-1716, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!


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