How Should Homeowners Prepare Their HVAC System for Spring?

Apr 8, 2022 | Blog, Fairfield, Fairfield-Hamilton, Hamilton, HVAC, OH, Ohio, Service Maintenance Agreement, SMA, Spring

Fairfield-Hamilton Heating & Cooling is ready to tackle whatever the spring throws our way this season. Did you know spring is the perfect time to prepare for the warm months that lay ahead? It isn’t too hot, and it isn’t too cold, which creates the ideal time for you to have your HVAC system serviced for its spring maintenance check. Along with your spring tune-up & safety check, you can do a few other things as a homeowner to get your residential HVAC system spring and summer-ready. Preventative maintenance and seasonal upkeep are crucial if you want to reduce the chances of having any HVAC mishaps these next few months.

Follow these things to prepare your HVAC system for the spring:

Have I Checked the Thermostat Batteries?

First, we can start with the thermostat. More often than not, the batteries in the thermostat are forgotten until the last minute when the thermostat sends a signal indicating the battery is low. While this feature is helpful, it is possible that it can happen while you are away from your home. You could be at work or even on vacation when the batteries need to be changed. If this happens, you could very well be returning to a hot and stuffy house. This can be prevented by changing your batteries ahead of time. It wouldn’t be bad to start the spring off with a fresh set of new batteries. And that’s one less thing to worry about!

Have I Checked & Cleaned the Vents?

Vents are notorious dust collectors. However, you can fix this problem by simply sucking up those pesky dust bunnies with a vacuum. If the dust persists and you need to wipe down the metal grates, you can do so with warm soapy water.

Have I Removed the Cover on the Outdoor Unit?

It may sound trivial, but it is easy to forget about that protective covering you placed on your outdoor unit last year at the end of the summer. Before turning on your air conditioning unit, if you have a cover placed on top of your condenser, remove it first!

Have I Cleared the Area around the Outdoor Unit?

The area surrounding your outdoor unit needs to be kept clear from any loose items and debris. For example, when the cooling system is turned on, the last thing you want is for anything to be caught up and blown into the condenser’s fan blades. For this reason, you should clear the area of any leaf buildup, weeds, or plant overgrowth and be sure to remove any obstructions from the site.

Have I Scheduled a Spring Maintenance Check? 

Don’t forget about having your air conditioning serviced for its spring tune-up & safety check. Keeping up with seasonal maintenance is vital to ensure everything is running as it should. When you schedule your spring maintenance check with us, we will send one of our NATE-certified technicians to your home, where they will inspect everything and make sure everything is safe to run. In addition, continuing your HVAC maintenance checks keeps the manufacturer’s warranty active. So it’s a win-win situation all around!

What’s a Service Maintenance Agreement?

Fairfield-Hamilton Heating & Cooling offers what we call a Service Maintenance Agreement, also known as an SMA. This is a plan you can purchase at a discounted rate for the year. There are multiple benefits of an SMA. Such as saving money for your two tune-ups & safety checks you get in the spring and the fall. Our SMA customers also get priority scheduling as a bonus to being an SMA customer. If you would like further information, call us today!

We would jump at the opportunity to provide excellent customer service for you, your home, and your family! So take a chance on us and call Fairfield-Hamilton Heating & Cooling today at (513) 540-1716, or schedule an appointment online now by clicking here!


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